Lets Begin…..

Statement of Academic Intent

Technology is changing the way buildings function and people occupy space. Traditional typologies are evolving from mono functional spaces towards a set of entwined uses. There are different modes emerging from the proliferation of connectivity, new ways to engage with space means people are becoming participants rather than users. Overlapping traditional typologies can produce fresh approaches to spatial design. Examples of these scenarios are: corporate offices that are a blend of workshop and cellular space; high street banks with customer lounges and transaction facilities intermixed; student centres offering hot desking office space together with administration services.

The Future Library design competition brief will form the basis of my D4 design project. The challenge is to consider what the future of libraries will be in the digital age. Libraries have been at the heart of culture of centuries but changes to the way we access information conflicts with the tradition model. The aim is to propose a new architectural model that addresses the debate about the evolution of cultural spaces.

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